Take Dunkin’ Donuts Survey

Guest satisfaction surveys are ways on how a company, enterprise or any other corporation discover what their customers love or hate in terms of their products and/or services. It is a method in knowing and finding out specific areas on which they can work and improve on. No matter how big or small a business may be, it is necessary to ask feedback from its customers. And Dunkin’ Donuts is just one of the giant companies who value their customer’s opinions and criticisms.

So, if you have recently visited any Dunkin’ Donuts shop, why not participate in their survey and tell them what you think? Share with them your experience and you may even receive a FREE donut in return. The survey would only take minutes to accomplish and it’s simple and easy. All you need to have with you is your receipt from your last visit and of course a computer or any device that has internet access. Follow these few steps and get your next donut for free.

  • Go to www.telldunkin.com
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Check your receipt and see if there is a survey code indicated in the middle part. If there is a code provided, enter the 18-digit code on the spaces given. Proceed by clicking on the button marked as “Start“. But if you can’t locate a survey code on your receipt, click on the link that says “My receipt does not have a Survey Code” then fill in the 6-digit store number or PC number located on top of your receipt. Indicate the date and time of your visit before clicking on “Next
  • To complete the survey, answer all the necessary questions.

A validation code will then be given to you. Write it down on your receipt and bring it with you to redeem your free donut on your next visit.