How to Register Your Superdrug Beautycard

Doubting whether you should register your Beautycard at Well, here’s why you SHOULD. First, is that while you may be earning points with your card already, you are not able to spend them. There’s no point in earning if you can’t spend it, does it? And secondly, if you register your card, you may use its perks. You can pay using your points and cash, you get access to exclusive member pricing, and you can easily earn points and use that point in spending instore, for in every 100 points you get £1 to spend. Plus, you get to pick up treats from Superdrug on your birthday.

Register your Beautycard in quick easy steps and stop doubting. You NEED to register your card to have a use for it! All you need is a computer or any device that has access to the internet, and your own valid email address. Here’s how:

  • You can find the registration page at
  • Click on the pink button marked “Register
  • Provide your valid email address and a password. Remember that your password must be at least 8 characters with one number and capital letter. Do not use symbols.
  • You are required to choose between “Attach your Health & Beautycard” and “Continue without Health & Beautycard”. Tick on the “Attach your Health & Beautycard” and enter your 13 digit barcode. The 13 digit barcode can be seen at the back of your card. Select your gender and birthdate before proceeding to step 2.
  • Complete and simply follow the remaining instructions given to finish the registration and you may now enjoy your Beautycard’s advantages

If you have any inquiries and concern about your Beautycard, you may fill in a form at Don’t have a Beautycard yet? You can pick up a Health & Beautycard in any Superdrug store in the UK.