Register an Educator Account on MyMathLab

Are you teaching at an educational institution and are looking for ways to make your work easier for you? Well, Pearson MyMathLab could do just that, to provide you with easy to use materials for your teaching. You can deliver everything or a portion of your course online, whether you’re based in a lab or in a traditional classroom. You can create and assign online homework, quizzes and tests that will be automatically graded. You can manage and keep track of your students’ results in a powerful online gradebook in which you could use to quickly assess how a student or how the whole class are progressing with a certain topic. With this, you are able to customize and adjust your course and lectures depending on your students’ needs. Having access to MyMathLab would allow you to use a variety of communication tools to create a supportive online community for your students where they can discuss lessons and everything that you have taught them. Through registering as an educator, all your students’ records are tracked and each homework assignment is automatically graded online giving you less time in grading and more time in teaching.

Registration is a thorough process where in Pearson would need a confirmation that you are indeed a teacher from an educational institution. This is to ensure that materials and educator resources from MyMathLab are well protected. To register, you will need an internet connection and an access code. This code is given to you once you are a verified instructor by Pearson. Once you have obtained your code, follow these steps to fully register an educator account:

  • Go to
  • Located at your right are a number of choices. Under the section “Register now”, select the button marked as “Educator”.
  • On the pop-up, click on “Yes, I have an access code
  • You will then be redirected to a page where the privacy policy and license agreement is listed. Proceed by clicking on “I Accept
  • The next step is to access your information. If you have an existing Pearson education account, select “Yes” and enter your login name and password. If you don’t, select “No” and you will be required to create your login name and password. Enter your access code and click on “Next”. You will then be asked for more information about your account. Complete the remaining required fields.

If you don’t have an access code, you may proceed to request a form at