Take Free Math Tests Online at Multiplication.com

There are ways to make multiplication fun, as impossible as that may sound to others. There are games, activities, and other resources that could make learning multiplication fun for your kid or for your students, and it could be fun teaching it too, whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or both. Multiplication.com is a website that offers a fun system to help anyone, of all ages, to learn multiplication facts. There are tables, some with pictures, which would be most appealing to children making learning easier and more understandable for them. There are videos, games, and there are tests and quizzes too which are perfect to gauge the level of how much learning and progress one has made. These quizzes and tests can be printed out, or it can easily be taken on the internet for free. These are self-correcting and its results are quick and fast, you can review wrong answers immediately.

There are quizzes for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, all complete with pre and post- tests. All your kid or student simply has to do is to enter the answers. Now, to get it started and take free math tests online, you just need to follow these few steps and you’re on your way to learning.

  • Go to multiplication.com
  • On the home page, locate “Books & Resources” on the number of choices given and click it.
  • From the new tab that showed, choose “Online Tests and Quizzes
  • From here on, you have seen the number of available tests or quizzes. Choose whatever meets your needs.
  • Upon choosing one, you get to see all the tests in the fact family. From zero to nine with the addition of pre and post-test. Again, select one according to your need.
  • You will see a page that looks like your ordinary exam or test paper, fill in the name if you may wish so, and then click on “Start”. Once done, click on “Finished” and wait for the results. All incorrect answers are marked by an “X”. The number of incorrect and correct answers is placed at the top part of your paper along with the amount of time it took you to finish. If you noticed, the date is filled in too.

All tests and quizzes are available for you to answer. You can even print out the quiz, with or without its answers. If you have any other concern you can visit http://www.multiplication.com/about-us/contact-us for information on how to contact multiplication.com. And if you have interests on trying their system of learning and teaching, you could always go to www.multiplication.com