Make Learning Math a Fun Experience for your Kid at IXL

Math is a hard subject. Would you agree? In 2005, Gallup, an American research-based and global performance-management consulting company, conducted a poll that asked students to name the subject that they consider to be the most difficult. Lo and behold, Mathematics came out to be on top. So, is your child one of these students who says that math is hard for them? If yes, why not help your kid excel in the subject and let him/her become a more confident student. Be a member of the IXL community and make learning math fun for your kid.

Nowadays, piles of textbooks and traditional schoolwork are sometimes not enough to trigger a child’s interest. They would much rather play on the computer, and through IXL, you can let them. With vibrant images, colorful illustrations, and meaningful content at every turn, learning has never been as fun. The IXL learning company provides kids from Pre-kindergarten to eighth grade with interesting and educational math exercises, which are specifically designed, basing on different age brackets. The program uses real-life math problems that engage your child’s mind. These math problems encourage kids to think and to recognize how math is part of their everyday life.

There is a monthly plan worth $9.95/month and a yearly plan of $79/year. Being a member, your kid won’t miss a thing with their comprehensive coverage of K-12 math curriculum. There would be an informative, detailed reports pointing out successes and trouble spots so you know what topic your child needs to focus on. And you are able to keep track of your child’s progress through weekly email updates. Enjoy many more benefits simply by being a member. Creating an account is simple and easy. All you need is your credit card information and any device that has access to the internet. Follow these few steps to make math an enjoyable learning experience for your kid.

  • Go to
  • Look for the “MEMBERSHIP” tab and click it
  • Under the box “Parents”, select your subscription. Either “Monthly” or “Yearly
  • Enter your email address and continue by clicking on the “Next – plans & pricing” button
  • To become a member, you must specify the total number of children who will be participating in the program, choose your desired subjects, enter your contact information, and enter payment details. Then proceed by clicking on “Join IXL
  • After, you will just have to set up your account and that’s it. Welcome to IXL.

Your membership will be renewed automatically and you may cancel online anytime. If you need more information, you may visit or you may send them an email at