Track Your Order at Forever 21

Forever 21 is a company well-known for their trendy style and fashion while still being affordable. They are a family owned business that retails clothes, accessories and even cosmetics. They offer a wide variety of apparels for women, from outerwear, swimwear, activewear to intimate and lounge wear. But not only do they cater to women’s needs, they have a line especially for men too. Their ‘21 Men’ brand has been added to their list of categories by the year 2006, and in addition, they have a section for kids and for the plus size too.

On the year 2003, as the calling of time and the need for advancement, they have expanded their business online with  Now, anyone from anywhere would be able to access their website and browse through their must-have products and easily purchase whatever they like. And after such, one simply needs to wait for their order to arrive. But, there are times that a customer, such as yourself, would want details of your orders’ status or whereabouts. And there’s no easier way to track your order than by doing it online. Forever 21 provide their customers the benefit of tracking their own purchases in a fast and easy way. Instead of calling up for a representative, you may personally get the information you seek without waiting for anyone to entertain you. All you need is a computer or any device that has access to the internet and your order number. Follow these few steps to track your order today.

  • Go to
  • Scroll down until you reach the footer of the page. Under the label HELP, click on “Track Orders” or visit
  • Enter your order number and email address then click on the button marked as “Submit
  • You can now access and go through your order status and details.

Note that you would have to wait for one business day after you have made a purchase for your tracking information to become available online. If you have any question, you may visit for their contact information.