Activate your Capital One Card

Are you a Capital One cardholder? Want to save time and money by not driving yourself to the bank and waiting in line for their service? And don’t you just want to handle your account whenever and wherever you are? If yes, then you can activate your card online. You don’t have to wait till the banks open, or rush to make it on time when they close. You can have unlimited access to your account and manage everything on your credit card at your own convenience. By registering your card, you will be able to switch off your paper statements and setup alerts so you may receive emails when you are near your credit limit, or get notified when your payments are due. Now you’ll have a smaller chance to forget and miss out on any information regarding your account. Activating your card would also help you keep a closer eye on every transaction you make. You will be able to view and track previous 12 months statements, view your current balance and know how much you have available to spend. Also, it would be easier to contact them through a secure message when you are having problems with your account.

Activating your card would only take 2 minutes of your time. All you need is your Capital One account number, your Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), a valid email address and your most recently issued credit card. Of course, you will need a computer or any device that has access to the internet and you are ready to go. Simply follow these few steps to start managing your card online.

  • Go to
  • If you already have an existing account, simply enter your username and password, and click on “Sign In”. But if you don’t have an online account, click on the button marked as “Start Here”. Provide your card’s information such as the 16-digit card number and security code which is the 3-digit code found at the back of your recently issued credit card. Also enter your identification details such as your date of birth and SSN/TIN and click “Continue
  • Once you have everything settled, click on the “Yes, I’m Ready” button
  • Complete your account type, account number, and other required information before pressing on “Continue to Step 2
  • Follow the remaining instructions given. After, you can simply wait for the confirmation of your enrollment at the email address you provided.

If you have questions, you can contact Capital One at