Take Dunkin’ Donuts Survey

Guest satisfaction surveys are ways on how a company, enterprise or any other corporation discover what their customers love or hate in terms of their products and/or services. It is a method in knowing and finding out specific areas on which they can work and improve on. No matter how big or small a business may be, it is necessary to ask feedback from its customers. And Dunkin’ Donuts is just one of the giant companies who value their customer’s opinions and criticisms.

So, if you have recently visited any Dunkin’ Donuts shop, why not participate in their survey and tell them what you think? Share with them your experience and you may even receive a FREE donut in return. The survey would only take minutes to accomplish and it’s simple and easy. All you need to have with you is your receipt from your last visit and of course a computer or any device that has internet access. Follow these few steps and get your next donut for free.

  • Go to www.telldunkin.com
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Check your receipt and see if there is a survey code indicated in the middle part. If there is a code provided, enter the 18-digit code on the spaces given. Proceed by clicking on the button marked as “Start“. But if you can’t locate a survey code on your receipt, click on the link that says “My receipt does not have a Survey Code” then fill in the 6-digit store number or PC number located on top of your receipt. Indicate the date and time of your visit before clicking on “Next
  • To complete the survey, answer all the necessary questions.

A validation code will then be given to you. Write it down on your receipt and bring it with you to redeem your free donut on your next visit.

Take Kroger Customer Feedback

The Kroger company is the largest full-service grocery retailer in the United States, covering 34 states and the district of Columbia. With 2,625 supermarkets and multi-department stores they have, did you happen to visit at least one of them lately? If yes, then you may want to help maintain what Kroger does right or expose specific areas that are in need of their attention. Now, you might think that their company is too big to notice you so why bother. Right? Wrong. You don’t have to worry. Your voice and your feedback matters to them. And as a sign that they value your opinion, you will get to enter and have a chance to win at their sweepstakes after completing their customer satisfaction survey. Their prizes consists of one grand prize of $5,000 in Kroger gift card, and one hundred first prizes of a $100 gift card.

To give Kroger your valuable feedback, all you need is your receipt from your last purchase and a computer or any device that has access to the internet. Note that to be eligible for sweepstakes, you must be a legal resident of the United States aged 18 years or older. This survey would only take a few minutes of your time and you can already start by following these few steps.

  • Go to www.tellkroger.com
  • You must have your receipt ready at hand. Locate the date, time and entry ID as indicated on your receipt and click on the button marked as “Start
  • You will be required to answer simple questions regarding your recent experience at any of their stores. Once you are through, you are asked to provide your name, address, and telephone number. All information are necessary for winners to be easily notified through telephone, email and/or postal mail.

If you have more questions about Kroger customer survey sweepstakes, you can read their official rules at https://www.krogerfeedback.com/DContent.aspx?Page=SweepstakesRules&c=275305

Take the Subway survey

Have you recently bought yourself a mouthwatering submarine sandwich from Subway? Or have you enjoyed an order of their healthy but tasty salad? Why not share your thoughts on that last visit and tell Subway what you think of the food you ordered. Did it taste right? Or was there something lacking? Were you satisfied with their service? Or do you think they might still work and improve on some areas? Help Subway by giving them your feedback and in return they will give you a free cookie for the time you spent in answering their survey. Sharing your experience with them is quick and easy. And would only take you a minute to complete. All you need to have with you is the receipt from your last purchase from any of their restaurants, a computer or any device that has access to the internet and a valid email address. Simply follow these few steps to take the Subway survey.

  • From your device, visit www.tellsubway.com
  • Check your receipt and locate the Subway store number at the top and enter it on the space provided for. You may use the image on the webpage for reference. Click on the “Submit” button to continue
  • Enter the date of your last visit. You may only be eligible to take the survey within 30 days of your visit
  • You are then required to answer a few questions about your last dining experience. Don’t worry, these are all simple questions with either a yes or no answer, or would ask you to rate them given a satisfaction scale. At the end, you will be asked to provide your valid email address where you will be sent the validation code to redeem your free cookie.

If you need more information about their survey, you can read on their frequently asked questions at https://www.tellsubway.com/ContentManager/Controller.aspx?page=CustomerExperience/tellsubway_FAQ