Be a Thirty-One Consultant

Do you want to be your own boss? Who wouldn’t, right? Being your own boss, in your very own business would mean that you control your time, you control your money, and well, you pretty much control everything. If yes, then perhaps being a Thirty-One consultant might interest you. The basics of a Thirty-One business, as they claim at their website, are simple. One, is to hold parties with your friends, both old and new. Two, is to share functional and fashionable styles and earning 25% commission on every sale you make. Three, is to share the benefits of being a Thirty-One consultant at every party, inviting friends to join the team. And if that’s not simple enough, then maybe you would want to know about their enrollment kit. For only $99, you get $400+ worth of new products and business supplies from Thirty-One, providing you already everything you need to get started, small amount to pay to start a business, right? All you have to do is to connect with a consultant – who will mentor you – Join a team, and finally order that enrollment kit which will be shipped right to your door. Now all you need to start the process of you being your own boss is any device that has access to the internet and simply follow these few simple steps.

  • Join the Thirty-One team by clicking
  • On the page is more information about the advantages of being a consultant. You might want to read on it first before clicking on the button marked as “Join Now”.
  • You will then be redirected to a page,, that would help you find a consultant. If you already know one, click on “I Know a Consultant”. If not, then select “Give me a Consultant
  • If you have chosen “Give me a Consultant”, you are asked to fill in some information about yourself. Enter your first name, last name, address, ZIP code, phone number and email address. Tick on one or more of the boxes below, depending on what you need and want then proceed by clicking on the button “Connect Me
  • You will get notified and will be soon connected with the consultant. You will be mentored and soon, will be a consultant under her guidance.

If you need help or have any question, visit

Sign up to Search Jobs on

In this day and age, job searching is made easy through numerous employment websites, one of which is The website is primarily designed to help job seekers find a work that best matches their skill and location, and the same goes for helping employers find the best talent they might need. Monster has been helping people for more than 20 years and there seems to be no stopping them. And being one of the largest job search engines in the world, Monster provides a wide variety of available occupations to choose from and as big as it is, the probability of landing that ideal job would be higher.

Anyone could access the website and start searching for available jobs, but to apply and respond directly to a job advertisement, it would require you to have signed up for Monster. By signing up, you could also save job listings that may have caught your interest but would need time for you to consider. And through signing up, looking for your desired work is easier as the site would have already gathered your data and would provide you with selected job openings that best fits you. The signing up process is easy and simple. And have I mentioned that it’s free? Follow the steps below to create your Monster account. All you need is a computer or any device that has internet connection and you’re good to go.

  • Go to
  • Once on the page, you will see that there are two options on how to sign up. One is through Facebook and the other is through your Email. To sign up using your Facebook account, simply click on the “Sign up with Facebook” button and enter your Facebook Email or Phone number with your password.
  • To sign up with your Email, you will need to provide the following information: Email, Desired Password, First Name, Last Name, Country, Zip code, Current Career level, and Educational level. You also have the option if you want Monster to email you career-related updates and opportunities, and if you want them to email you partner offers and promotions. Tick on either “Yes” or “No”. To finish signing up, click on the button marked as “Create Account

For more questions, you may want to visit

Avon Representative Account Application

As one of the largest direct-selling companies, Avon provides beauty, fashion, home and other personal care products made easily available to any woman around the world. The company supports over 6 million representatives worldwide, allowing women to work directly from home with the convenience in working at their own hours and terms. Being an Avon Representative, you have the power and support of the iconic brand, joining a community of women in more than 100 countries. You have options to choose your method of selling, through online and mobile with the Avon eStore or by face-to-face using Avon brochures. You can build your business with the popularity and reputation of the brand, making selling of products easy and trustworthy.

Sign up as a representative and get started. Just follow these few simple steps and you can start selling Avon products. All you need is a computer or any device that has access to the internet and your own personal information.

  • Visit Avon’s sign up website at
  • Provide your personal information on the required fields. Enter you name, address, e-mail address, your primary phone number. Your cellphone number is optional. Choose how you would like Avon to communicate with you by selecting either English or Español. If you have a reference code with you, you can provide it but if not then it is ok.
  • Tick the box that indicates you agree with the terms and conditions, and that you are over 18 years old. Click on the pink button “Continue
  • You will be contacted by a local Avon representative to follow up on the next steps of being a representative yourself.


Once you receive your account information, register at for your personal online business site. You will also be receiving a welcome kit that will be mailed to you which includes everything you need to start your very own Avon journey. If you’re still curious or if you have any question, you can click on “Connect with a representative today to learn more” link found at the bottom of the page at and fill in the necessary information.